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If I Had It My Way
Peak #250
Peak in subgenre #60
Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndle, Lynn Hutton
May 10, 2012
MP3 3.8 MB, 160 kbps, 3:19
Verse 1 If I had it my way The cowboys would play ball year around The high price of gas would come falling down And we could still see Elvis on a stage If I had it my way Andy Griffith would have stayed in black and white And my old man would still be alive And I’d tell him all the things I never got to say If I had it my way Chorus: Some things I wish could come back Some things I wish would stay the same Baby when it comes to what we’ve got That’s something I’d never change If I had it my way Verse 2 If I had it my way There’d still be drive in picture shows Good dogs wouldn’t have to get old Kids could go to school and pray If I had it my way The world wouldn’t be in such a rush Alarm clocks wouldn’t wake us up And there’d be a little less blame and a lot more grace If I had it my way Repeat chorus: Bridge: I’d never leave your side, I’d hold you day and night Always, always
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