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Dogend Dave .mp3
Dub reggae dubstep
Electronic - Dubstep
Previous peak charts position #814
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #55
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co
May 01, 2012
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128 kbps bitrate
7:43 minutes
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Dogend Dave he's ok picks up the sh** we throw away Cigarette buts, bottles and cans He cashes them in for a couple of pounds He don't care what the people think He don't wash much so he kinda stinks But he smiles like a gentleman And pretends he's a rogue and what he calls home is the open road Dogend Dave he's one step away from a decent meal and a paupers grave He knows all the bus stops where the doggies are long It's the universal mix and he sings a rock n roll song Since my lady left me, I ain't been feeling well Staying at the vagrant suite at misery motel he's so lonely cold and lonely What he finds he can keep, he knows the places where a soul can sleep, He ain't got no boss and that makes me a man He does what he can with his own two hands He says he don't work for no-one and he get things done, like nitty gritty At the end of the day he has his dignity so don't you take it away It don't matter to Dogend Dave what the weather man says Snow and ice or a sunny day Wind and rain it's all the same to Dogend Dave Dogend Dave, he's ok met with death in an alleyway Kicked to death by drunken kids It was just a laugh we did it for kicks Dogend Daves in the papers today It's a tragedy to end that way For a character and a gentleman Now he's dead we all love Dogend Dave