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The Good Liar
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the power of seduction
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Alternative - Grunge
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juan c rial
2012 juan c rial
April 29, 2012
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Story behind the song
it's about beeing bad... in the erotica meaning of that...
seduced you, today, it changes my luck not convinced me your boobs, but your bucks if you like me to love you, doesn't mind tell me babe what you want me to suck you can find things that i've done right but i'm a little bastard i'm the biggest liar in this town don't need to say it, i will be kind put a spell on you first and then your mom. i read the bible and learnt each psalm the art of telling lies, the number one you can find things that i've done right steal, kill, lie, rape and hide, cheat, betray and spoof bunch of fools, BUT a damn motherf*** er please, call me humbug YEAH I'M A GOOD LIAR I'M THE BIGGEST BASTARD in this town
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