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One song glory (Preview)
A Heavy Metal version of the song "One Song Glory" from the musical "Rent".
Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #55
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #13
Written by Jonathan Larson
April 23, 2012
MP3 2.1 MB
128 kbps bitrate
2:18 minutes
One song glory One song before I go Glory One song to leave behind… Find one song One last refrain From the pretty-boy front man Who wasted opportunity One song He had the world at his feet Glory In the eyes of a young girl A young girl… Find glory Beyond the cheap colored lights One song Before the sun sets On another empty life Time flies … Time dies Glory – one blaze of glory One blaze of glory – glory Find glory In a song that rings true Truth like a blazing fire An eternal flame Find one song A song about love Glory From the soul of a young man… A young man Find the one song Before the virus takes hold Glory Like a sunset One song To redeem this empty life Time flies … And then – no need to endure anymore Time dies …”