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ON A ROLL-Song Demo-mp3
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3rd song with Jim Colyer
#2,322 today Peak #110
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J. Colyer & M. Spence
2009 Michael Colyer Songs & Stat Songs Pub. ASCAP
April 11, 2012
MP3 2.8 MB, 128 kbps, 3:01
Story behind the song
Song about meeting someone online, then meeting them in person and taking it from there....:). Enjoy!!
ON A ROLL (J. Colyer/M. Spence) Hard to believe that we met online On Match dot com....and we're doing fine I got your cell phone number and got your e-mail, too Now you know me, and now I know you And as always, fate would have its way We would meet up face to face You were prettier than I expected And we were well on our way CHORUS We're on a roll Big wheels are turning Not a cloud in sight Baby, we're burning We're on a roll 90 miles an hour Flying down the Interstate Blazing on fire Hard to believe it happened so quick In the Internet age, nearly no time to waste I met your parents and your sister, too I even met your dog, and his name is "Mr. Boo" CHORUS BRIDGE No way we can fail We're dressed for long term success Just a couple of winners 'Cause we passed the test Copyright © 2009 Michael Colyer Songs (ASCAP) & Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP)
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