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Dreamy pop tune
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T. Swarn, M. Spence, & A. Bolton
2010 Stat Songs Pub., Bolton Songs Pub., (ASCAP)
April 11, 2012
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Story behind the song
Written as a dreamy adult contemporary pop song with Allison Bolton & Terry "Tribute Terry" Swarn. Enjoy..:)
PROMISE TO KEEP (T. Swarn/M. Spence/A. Bolton) They say it takes two to love And it takes two to dance I know the deck's stacked against us But we still have a chance I do fall shy of the goal at times But I'm willing to make it right If it takes forever, so be it I'll be on it day and night Though it won't be easy , I know Sometimes things can get real deep I know in the long run, it will be worth it 'Cause I got a promise to keep Our love's a promise to keep Mere words can only come close To the language of the heart And what I'd like to say the most I don't know where to start Last I dreamed about you and me We were lost at sea So peaceful and all alone To feel the love between you and me Though the treasure of love, I know At times, it can be buried so deep But I know in the long run, we'll unearth it It's a treasure we'll promise to keep Our love is a promise to keep Though it won't be an easy road Everything's getting real deep in the long run, it will be worth it 'Cause I got a promise to keep A promise of forever A promise to you I will never say never If you will love me too A promise of honor A promise for you Whether rain or shine I'll do what i have to do 'Cause i got a promise to keep 'Cause i got a promise to you So here's a vow to you And here's a vow from me We'll have some up and down moments But they'll be worth it 'Cause we're in this for keeps Copyright © 2010, 2006 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP), Bolton Songs Publishing (ASCAP), & Copyright Control
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