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I GOT YOU-Song Demo-mp3
Funky Country/Country Pop
Country - Country-Pop
Previous peak charts position #242
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #44
M. Spence
2011, 1992 Stat Songs Pub. (ASCAP)
April 10, 2012
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128 kbps bitrate
3:54 minutes
Story behind the song
written originally as a pop metal tune in the early 90's, but thought that it could be done as a country pop or funky country tune... :) Enjoy!!
I GOT YOU (M. Spence) You're just an advertisement And you know there's no mistaking You're dancing before my eyes And you're all for the taking CHORUS I GOT YOU YOU WON'T ESCAPE FROM ME I GOT YOU JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE I GOT YOU NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO I GOT YOU C'MON HONEY LET'S GO Don't you take no chances And let's waste no time You got me into your arms And I have you into mine CHORUS INTERLUDE No use in resisting We love this mellow vibe Our perfect little slow dance I'm yours and you're mine CHORUS Copyright © 2011, 1992 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP)
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