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I realize my voice is deepened, I do it not because I don't like my voice but because I think it sounds fricken awesome.
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Jesse Austin
April 03, 2012
MP3 1.6 MB, 160 kbps, 1:23
Story behind the song
I swagged out real quick.
Ridin with my subs low, ridin with my subs slow, I aint saying you're a slut or saying that you're a ho, but you got balls in your mouth then a hungry hungry hippo, there it is SWAG yeah I told you you already know, bush on the beat its a war a disaster, I'm spotted like a cheetah but I'm a little faster, actor? Nawh but I get the red carpet, I'm the male samus back up I'm superchargin, killin luger beats is what I best, all you other youtube stars can take a long rest, I'm j to a add a u and an s, I got that loud bass but I aint talkin no clef, truckin like a train 52 is a beast, yeah I rep that ravens nation shout it out on a beat, I got hands like boldin and ray rices feet, I pray for mercy for all of the steelers I eat, can't get into my head I'm acting so discrete, I'm a mystery dawg with some nikes on his feet, hit up the pipe and call yourself a crack addict, ill hit the paper and pen I'm a rap fanatic
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