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Chain of Solitude
Breaking the chains of lonliness.
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Gordy Scoville
Gordy Scoville
June 24, 2014
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Story behind the song
Thinking about different ways lonliness and a life of negative solitude effect different people.
He was dodging shadows in the doorways On a night when the moon was cold and bright His mind was full of drugs and hard times He was afraid to face the light. There was music playing in the distance But much too far to reach his ears He said, 'I've been banished to this island Of my lonliness and fears. Chorus: Can you give me one last hope of freedom Give me one last dream that will come true I would give my one last hard-earned dollar To break this chain of solitude. She was shivering beneath the bedsheets In a stranger's dark and dingy room Watching as the clock moved slowly Wishing morning would come soon. There was true love calling in the distance But much too far to reach her heart She said, 'Time has stopped and left me stranded And it's tearing me apart. Chorus Bridge: I know it's hard when you're walking along To look strangers in the eye So we turn our heads tho we know it's wrong And still we hear the cry. Chorus She was writing memos in the office Four gray walls that seemed more like a cell Would her job be there tomorrow The way things go now who can tell. There were promises spoken in the distance But much too far to reach her mind She said, 'This world is speeding in the fast lane And it's leaving me behind'. Chorus
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