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Wha' I Can Doo.mp3
I'm Bringin' Hip Hop Bacc' One Joint At Ah Thyme, Thizz Iz How I'm Finna' Do It. A Real Laid Bacc' Tracc', Instrumental Off Summ Mix Tape Frum Bacc' N Da' Day.
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HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #594
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #81
Gangsta Leene - Lyricz/ OldSchoolMix
March 27, 2012
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5:10 minutes
Story behind the song
Juss' Droppin' Summ Mo' Knowledge And Reppin' Once Again. ;)
Remixed By: Loak ** Wha' I Can Doo ** By: Gangsta Leene Verse 1: 1. Yeah 530, They Hella Love Me Now - They Say They Love My style, Cuzz I'm Highly Versatile. 2. Cuzz I Switch Tha Bullshytt, 2 Tha Real Shytt - Lyke Cookin' Cocaine, Wit Cutt 2 Make Cracc' My Shytt Gettz Wild. 3. Alwayz Imitated, But Neva' Duplicated My Shytt Gottz Physique - Dat'z Why O.G.'z Know Not 2 Play Me Cheap. 4. When It Comez 2 Game I'm Phenominal - Doe 2 Doe, Coast 2 Coast Lyke Tha Pizza Man Catch Ya' Slappin' Bonez, Hollerin' Out Domino. 5. I Gett On Tha Mic, And Feenangle - Trained 2 Be Ah Sharp Shooter, By Tha Crazy 88'z On Halo. 6. Now I'm Hittin' Frum Ah Different Angle - Russian Suplex, Oh My Nicca', My Gunn Lovez Dat Throat Sex. 7. Leave Ah Shytt Talkin' Bytch Nicca'z Necc' All Bloody, Lyke Cotex - Then Gott My Strapp Thirsty, Wonderin' Hoo Wanna' Go Next. 8. I Pinch Succaz Headz Wit' Tha Thumb N Index - Finga' On Tha Trigga' Of Diss' All Blacc', Protected By God So Fucc' Ah Vess'. 9. Shytt Here n California We Do Stepp - Nicca'z Incrotchin' On Ur Plateau, Aimin' Foe Necc'. 10. Hitt'em Wit Dim .22threezyz, Silencer On Tha Barrel - N Nor Cal, Wee Doo'em Greezy. 11. Up Here N Tha 530, It'z Lyke 1986 - and I'm Still Slangin' Bricc'z, White Chicc'z Lyke Tha White Rabbit Cuzz They Stacc' Money N Love Flippin' Tricc'z.