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pedal tone goth meets middle-eastern dirge with multi-tracked vocal harmonies. lance: voice, guitars, penny whistle, percussion, programming. Ed Drury: didgeridoo, E-bow, frame drum.
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World - World Fusion
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copyright 2002 Lance Cyrlin
March 26, 2012
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6:04 minutes
Why. Why. Why. Why, Talked to the Roman Nero in My Dream. In Shame Nero Asked This of Me. Why. Why Not Learn from Our Mistakes. The World Can Not be Owned. Shed No More Blood. Far Too Thinly Spread. Arrogant Empire Dead Quizzed by the Demon Murmur in My Dream. Out of Questions He Just Lauged at Me. Ha. Ha. Your Leaders Succeed at Deceipt. Ha. Ha. I Chisel Away Their Clay Feet Angel Zuriel is in My Dream. With Crystal Tears Angel Weeps Why. Why. Why All the Poverty. Why. All the Wealth Resides on High Enslaving the Peasants. Raping the Planet. Oh Dear Zuriel. What Should I Tell. My People to Break These Chains Why. Why. Why. Why. Talk to Creator in My Dream. Creator Asked This of Me: Why. Why. Why do They Kill in My Name. Why. Why. Why all the Greed in My Name. Oh My Sweet Lord. Dare I Be So Bold. I Do Not Have Answers for Thee Only More Questions. Only More Prayers.