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I Miss You Being You
Another song that speaks for itself very clearly and can be understood by possibly every adult on the planet!
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Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #29
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Steve Gad
Baby Z - Steve Gad
March 11, 2012
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4:27 minutes
Story behind the song
Song is largely self-explanatory, it's about missing someone.
I miss you. Miss how you filled me with desire. I miss you. You lit my passion like a fire. I miss you keeping our love young I miss you being so much fun, just being you and the things we used to do, the closeness and affection I miss you being you. I miss you. In ways I never thought that I would I miss you. I'd tuen back time if only I could. I miss just knowing you are there. I miss you when I want to share something I've seen or tell you about my dream. I miss that connection. I miss you being you. I hadn't seen you for so long I thought by now the pain would all be gone tonight by chance, I saw you again walk toward me through the rain. Felt so bad as you hurried by I never got the chance to catch your eye I turned and watched you disappear I spoke so quietly, you wouldn't hear me say. I miss you. I miss feeling so glad you found me I miss you. You made the heavens wrap their arms around me I miss the silly notes you'd leave I miss you for making me believe in love's eternal flame the stars spell out your name, and did I mention I miss you being you? I miss you being you (to end)