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Why don't you get a life?
Song about an ongoing online war between an estranged couple.
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Alternative - Experimental
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Steve Gad
Baby Z - Steve Gad
March 11, 2012
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4:56 minutes
Story behind the song
I got tired of hearing an ex partner online saying horrible things about me, so this steps outside of my usual - half experience, half fantasy - writing style and is really a kind of open letter that many will no doubt relate to.
Is it too much to ask, is it too big a request, to give the Facebook hate campaign a rest I know it's still first up, best dressed, at your place Is it really too much to ask of you not to write the kind of crap you do I got better things to do, get out of my face. (Chorus) Yes I know that the love is all gone, yes I know we've both moved on and I know there are broken things we can't mend I know we'll never be friends, but at least for the sake of peace, why don't you get a life? You made your choice, you made your bed I wasn't being jealous when I said this new found happiness will mess with your head I warned you. I would have been there to help, you get through but there's no way I was gonna feed him too three months later he abandoned you I warned you. Chorus. Middle 8 Oh, things were OK between us two but when your long-lost friend came back on the scene I knew that would mean the death of me and you. So, what shall we do? Shall we pretend we never parted, say how did this start? Paper over the cracks? Tell people that we're back? Baby no can do - not even for you! When we first broke up, I hung my head in shame because I knew that to him, you were only a game He was so deep that he gave me the Bends. Is it really too hard for you to try and be nice? Is it my fault Mr Lover Man, was Mr Lies? This is not how I wanted this to end. Chorus. You looked me in the eye and killed me. (to end)