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Always Be That Way
A song in which two lovers weigh the consequences of parting company.
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Alternative - Experimental
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Steve Gad
Baby Z - Steve Gad
March 11, 2012
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4:38 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote this a few years ago, on the verge of breaking up with a partner. It kind of speaks for itself.
There’s a distance, between us Two mountains, with a world of hurt between us Our tomorrows flow before us There’s nothing for us It’s as if love hasn’t seen us Can’t we hold on? Can’t we be saved? Can’t we be strong? Can we always be that way? There’s a heartache, looking for us The gods of hurt adore us Shall we run while we still can? Let’s go outside The rain it may clean us of being two screamers Future resting in our hands. (Chorus) And if we let go If we just walk away If we let love go cold over one crazy day Then what’s it been for? It's all been for nothing, we just let love die Why can’t we just try to save each other? Then nobody can say, we didn't try. I can feel you bleeding Can you see me dying? Both of us needing And neither of us trying Need to wake up, we may need to grow up If we say its best we break up Then both of us are lying. (Chorus)
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