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Not Just Another Box.mp3
Written for the Lightnin Resophonic Research Cooperative Contest. I took a song John Cook posted years ago by the name of Wabi Sabi, chopped it up and Frankensteined it into this hear toon!
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #60
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
John Cook and Michael Honsinger
2012 by Michael Honsinger and John Cook
March 02, 2012
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128 kbps bitrate
3:28 minutes
Story behind the song
Always wanted to Hi-Jack John's song Wabi Sabi and turn it into a Cardboard Box. Finally had a reason to!
Johnny found a little box He found it in the alley Right next to the cardboard dome That used to be his Granny's This is how he struck it rich Without the need for money With that box made people laugh That's how he met his Honey Even though it was a box from the alley It wasn't just another box from the alley No not just a box from the alley While in the Past the Future brings Young Johnny to his knees Digging_____to release Potentials that he sees Wasn't just an empty thing That once was full of Smokes No no not that kind of thing That people liked to toke Wasn't just another box from the alley No not just another box from the alley He added strings and other things That box began to grow And Electric Energy Turned it into Gold Everyone that heard it Wanted more and more It made them laugh It made them cry And nobody was bored No not just another box from the alley Wasn't just another box from the alley Not just another box from the alley Funny how the little things Can turn into a Lifestyle Amazing how that box could bring Pure Pleasure for awhile And would leave you wondering Mile after mile Everything got better And just because you smiled Futures come and go and rarely stay the same And in time you just might find the Past is just the same Who would have thunk it How could anyone have known A box could bring such Fame Continuing to grow Into a Household Name That Everyone would know It isn't just another box, isn't just another box... ...from the alley
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