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Rock - Classic Rock
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Ronnie and Heather Whitley Gibson
Gibson Music 2012
February 29, 2012
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160 kbps bitrate
3:33 minutes
open your hands to receive loose change tips are scattered on the ground, tips are rearranged the tip of your tongue, tipping your hat the tip of a dogs tail, the same with a cat the tip of your fingers wipe your eyes living by guidelines, tips from signs the tip that gives information moving to the past, tip of creation tip of the needle stabs the skin connected to a tip showing where you've been before the very end the tip comes first tip of the land where oceans swallow the earth where is the tip, where is the end broken objects tipping over in the wind the tip of your toes and the tip of your head meaningless words, all tips broken before you reach the end you receive the tip