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Courage To Resist
A song about Private Bradley Manning, wikileaks, GI Resistance, lies, systemic injustice, war crimes, and cover-ups.
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Vic Sadot
February 25, 2012
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Story behind the song
I was moved by Private Bradley Manning's courage in releasing evidence of US war crimes, particularly the video of the US helicopter pilots joking about killing the Iraqi news reporters and civilians and the maiming of two children in the van. I was also moved by the chat logs in which he explained why he needed to have the world see the truth about the war in Iraq. Instead of being acclaimed for exposing the crimes and their cover-up, he was put in prison under torture techniques, while the perpetrators go free. It is a duty, not a crime, to expose war crimes. Free Bradley Manning! Prosecute those who lied and those who committed atrocities in our name!
Courage To Resist by Vic Sadot You know Private Bradley Manning was only twenty-two! But because he had a conscience, he knew what to do! He became a whistle-blower when he let his conscience speak! By documenting war crimes and cover-ups to wikileaks! Cause he had the courage to resist! Yes! He had the courage to resist! Wikileaks released a video of a US murder spree! With pilots joking and slaughtering civilian Iraqis! Two news men died in the bullet spray! Two children were all chewed up! Too many blood soaked scenes like that by men who are all screwed up! Do we have the courage to resist? Yes! We have the courage to resist! Chorus: Long live GI Resistance! To the lies and tyranny! For with wisdom and persistence! In Truth we shall be free! Long live People's insistence on being all that we can be! Yes! And we can be together! Live in Peace and Harmony! If we have the courage to resist! If we have the courage to resist! Nicole Mitchell had a conscience! And like a flower it bloomed in Iraq! She became a Conscientious Objector, and for that she took a lot of flack! Well, the Army tried to keep her as an occupation tool! But she opposed the oppressors cause she ain't nobody's fool! Cause she had the courage to resist! Yes! She had the courage to resist! Did you hear about "The Hip-Hop Soldier"? Who stood against the "Stop Loss" Draft? They tried to hold him beyond enlistment! They just issued an order and laughed! But Marc Hall had supporters! And they waged a strong campaign! And instead of a harsh court-martial, they let him go home again! Cause he had the courage to resist! Yes he had the courage to resist! (CHORUS) They put young Bradley in a prison! And they employed their cruel techniques! If you care and you can reason, and you dare to be one who speaks... You may be put in isolation by a system so rotten it reeks! Of lies and exploitation! So long live wikileaks! Cause they have the courage to resist! Yes! They have the courage to resist! Do we have the courage to resist? Yes we have the courage to resist! Copyright Jan 12, 2011 Vic Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music BroadsideBalladeer@gmail.com www.vicsadot.com www.youtube.com/vicsadot www.last.fm/music/vic+sadot
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