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Sleep My Baby
CBC February 2012 Lullaby. A lullaby, from mother to her baby. And it sings out quite well with just the vocals should anyone decide to sing this to their baby!
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Jon Solo
2012 Solosounds/Jon Solo
February 25, 2012
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2:28 minutes
Story behind the song
Coconut Blues Lullaby Challenge February 2012. I have only ever written one other lullaby and it was an instrumental. This was quite a challenge as I had to take a different perspective (mother instead of father), but given they can be quite close (or the "mom" in this guy is showing itself) the challenge was more to keep it intimate and soft. The vocal part is quite hard as well if you are recording it...works fine away from a mic, but something about committing it to permanence for playback...always in question. To make matters worse, though I was working with Stacy who always sings quite well, the song is emotional for any mother (especially when that baby is grown up and she is thinking about it and getting teary-eyed every few seconds while trying to sing it, right Stacy?) and getting a clean drop was hard. To compound it, I started at the last minute again. Wrote the song on Thursday, dropped the instrumentation Friday afternoon, and recorded Friday night, at the end of a long work day. However, the results are better than I anticipated and I love the feeling that came across in the emotional vocals.
Close your eyes and rest your head Mommy’s here it’s time for bed Dreams await you if you sleep Sleep my baby sleep No more tears I’m by your side Calm your fears no need to hide Dreams await you if you sleep Sleep, sweet dreams, my sweet If you cry I will hold you In the night Never scold you I am here holding on Till the break of day As you sleep I’ll think of you Dreaming of the things you’ll do Never fear your mommy loves you Sleep my baby sleep
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