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Single - $0.99
Album - $4.00
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
Previous peak charts position #122
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #30
February 24, 2012
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160 kbps bitrate
6:45 minutes
I’m still tangled in this town’s web of lies; The once friendly faces are searching for my disguise. But this time the prison walls are coming down; I’m finally leaving this place, ain’t coming back around. Prechorus: I’m so sick and tired of this lonely town; Rumors follow my name in faces all around. Won’t you come back here and save me darling? I know you won’t, I know you won’t, I know you won’t. Once again she comes to leave me falling, And down I come. Chorus: Forget me, release me ‘cause I can’t take the pain of this lonely town. Forgive me for leaving myself, ‘cause I can’t come back, I forgot how. And now I’m feeling like a stranger that don’t belong ‘round here. And like I’ve lived a lifetime in my short twenty years. Another curtain’s falling down; it’s time to leave, And find the things that I’m hiding up my sleeve. Prechorus Chorus Bridge: The flashbacks of this place are of the day I lost my mind, But when the sunshine grin splashes on your face I start to feel alive. So please need me or please lead my on, ‘cause life’s not for living alone, When there’s an angel at my door, there’s still a daemon in my home. Chorus