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Immobilized By Love
Um.. A twelve year old kid smashed his gameboy on the pavement in front of me...I said, "What up?" and he yelled, "My @#*! Pokemon keeps getting immobilized by love. " Ah the Japanese...
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Rock - Garage Rock
Previous peak charts position #552
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #27
JP Gripp
February 19, 2012
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3:09 minutes
Story behind the song
Jeremy - vocals, guitar, percussion, harp Ken Leal - lead, bass and slide guitars, backup vocals, percussion.
I ran aground I broke apart I fell down Right out of your heart I tried to pick up the pieces Don't know where to start Immobilized by Love (2) I was a gambler Always out and about I was a dancer I could twist and shout Now I'm just a coward Lost in a shadow of doubt Immobilized by love (2) Don't have the will for fight or flight Girl I'm just a deer Caught in your headlights (break) Repeat I don't trust myself Nothing is clear Left up on a shelf You put me here Now I don't have the strength To even wipe my own tears Immobilized by love (2)