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Self Inflicted Wound
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Country - Alternative Country
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JP Gripp
February 19, 2012
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Self Inficted Wound I’ll cry and light a torch song With these gasoline tears Been playing with fire so long And burning myself for years Every new tale of star crossed love Always ends the same way Make a vow then find out how Forever’s just another old flame There's no one but yourself to blame When you fall in love too soon And your broken heart is just A self inflicted wound Find the words that make it all better Try and describe your pain Pour them all into another love letter Get ‘em all wrong again Another red stamp on an envelope That says Return to Sender But it’s never enough to crush the hope Of the great pretender (repeat chorus) bridge I see Prometheus sit with old pugilists, prostitutes and junkies As they drown their sorrows in the dim lights of the bar He said when the nature of your sin appears upon your skin You lookfor a dark place where you can hide your scars (break) Once I played the fool I wore my heart upon my sleeve Now I keep it hidden Safely locked inside my chest It’s a cruel world filled With parasites and thieves Go and ask the man who Wears a bulletproof vest (REPEAT CHORUS) ALT 3rd verse: In the dying embers of the afterglow Young Hearts are easily deceived Talk on a pillow with the devil you know Play another game of make believe