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Chipmunks in the Forest - Five Scenes of the Ameri
The busy "bees" of the forest, listen as the chipmunks scurry from tree to tree, to nests and streams. With a flick of their tail they are off, then sitting up quickly munching on nuts held between their front paws.
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Album - $9.00
Classical - Classical General
Previous peak charts position #143
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Delton Lorenzo Hudson
February 13, 2012
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2:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Del feels that the true spirit of the West cannot be bottled or captured, so to speak, in any given form. Nevertheless, Westerners involved in art and self-expression cannot help but try to share their emotions and thoughts about their beloved West. Del is no exception. Thus in the Five Scenes he has portrayed some of the West from the smaller vignettes of chipmunks in the forest to the grandeur of the large majestic tonal canvas on the Grand Tetons.
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