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Out of The Tombs And into A Ministry
Upbeat. Uptempo. Fully orchestrated.
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Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #320
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Richard Craig Hackley
2012 by Richard Craig Hackley
February 09, 2012
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Story behind the song
Regards the man Jesus delivered in Mark 5:1-20. There's some "between the lines' content in verse 3 ... how we can help heal others, after we've been healed. Our proclamation of what God did for us can lay groundwork for others in need.
(v1) A wild man living in the tombs, he's a real spiritual hotel, Home to a legion of bad guys, who made his life a hell. They caused the man to cut himself, to cry out, to smell really bad. Townsfolk tried to restrain him, but he broke all the chains they had. (c) Out of the tombs and into a ministry, The biggest turnaround a life will ever see. (2) One day Jesus met the man, and confronted the legion inside. They pleaded with Jesus to let them stay, but they were denied. Jesus ordered all of them out. They fled into some swine. A little while later the man sat with Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. (c) (v.3) The man requested to travel with Jesus, but instead was given a ministry To go to those who knew him, and declare the God who set him free. But the man enlarged his calling, and told the region of God's mighty hand. Laying the groundwork for another healing when Jesus re-entered the land. (c)