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Lady Keep on Walking
Keep walking thru the blues till you see the sunshine.
Acoustic - Folk
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Gordy Scoville (harmonica played by Steve Sampson)
Gordy Scoville
February 22, 2014
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3:30 minutes
Story behind the song
Wrote this song after a long talk with a french traveller who was at a low point in her life in Goa, India.
It was springtime when she left her home With a sparkle in her eye It was winter when I met her Said she'd seen much better times She said you know I've lookin' for a better way of life And I'm gonna keep on searchin' till I find it. She told me about the good times And all the fun she'd had She said I'm not gonna try to fool you none There's also been the bad I believe that love's the answer But sometimes it's so hard To walk the straight and the narrow in this world. Chorus: Lady keep on walkin' and hold your head up high Baby keep on talkin', keep the sparkle in your eye There's a better world a-comin by and by. She said I realize it's hard sometimes To live the words you speak And even when they knock you down To turn the other cheek But if there really is a better world I'll walk the extra mile She said to me as she turned away With a teardrop and a smile.
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