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Astonishing Power
Upbeat & uptempo. And as with nearly all my SongSermons, this one is fully orchestrated.
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Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #223
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #31
Richard Craig Hackley
2011 Richard Craig Hackley
January 24, 2012
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Story behind the song
When Jesus used the sycamine tree as something needing removing, he was aware of the extensive root system of the tree, and the difficulty in man being able to remove it all. But God is able. Transferred this lesson over to the removal of wide-spread cancer cells in a person's body.
INTRO = (whisper: 'Faith'. The tiniest unit has ...) astonishing power. v1 The mustard seed of which Jesus spoke Is so minutely small, The wind could blow one in your eye And you'd not know it at all. The sycamine tree of which Jesus spoke Spreads its roots so far If you try to dig them out yourself You never will get them all. CHORUS 1 = (whisper: 'Faith'. The tiniest unit has ...) astonishing power. v2 When your seed and your tree collide Don't assume the tiny guy will splatter. That's what Jesus was telling us, With faith, size doesn't matter. Has your tree spread its roots far & wide? Jesus might tell you today "If you have faith the size of an atom, "You can vaporize the whole tree away." CHORUS 2 = (whisper: 'Faith') The tiniest unit has ... astonishing power. v.3 When it comes to faith, it's not about Gigantic complexity It's about a child trusting a father A child who is doubt-free. (The tiniest unit has Astonishing power) Your sycamine tree has bluffed its way To a false supremacy Give God an atom of faith to work with And unleash His ability. CHORUS 3 = Astonishing power. Faith is not measurable stuff. The tiniest unit has ... If you have any, you have enough. The tiniest unit has ... Astonishing power (x2)