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Spend the End of the World with Me
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End-of-the-world love song.
Country - Alternative Country
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J. Wrabek
May 24, 2012
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Story behind the song
Latest (5/25/12) version. Recorded by Jim Loughrie at The Guitar Shop, Tillamook, Oregon. Jim on drums and blues harp, Jane Dunkin on fiddle; I'm playing guitar, and added Electric Banjo after Jim mixed it.
[4/4, ragtime] SPEND THE END OF THE WORLD WITH ME --J. Wrabek CHORUS: Come spend the end of the world with me, Together we can watch things fall apart; That old Armageddon is gonna feel like Heaven As long as you’re in my arms; We’ll stay up late, like on our first date, While the world comes apart at the seams— We’re all gonna die, but I’ll have you by my side: Spend the end of the world with me. VERSE (THERE’S ONLY ONE): Come spend the end of the world with me, We’ll make it a party for two; I won’t mind immolation of all of Creation As long as I can immolate with you; The experts say when disaster comes your way That bed is the safest place to be— We can take care of each other snuggled underneath the covers: Spend the end of the world with me. REPEAT CHORUS IF THERE’S AN INSTRUMENTAL BREAK PUT IT HERE REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT LAST 2 LINES OF CHORUS TO END © 2011 J. Wrabek dba Outside Services Ltd. All the usual rights reserved just in case. If the world really ends December 21, 2012, it may not matter.