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Time After Time (Original)
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Written 07 January 2012. Played on a '10 Santa Cruz OM/PW accompanied with a 'D' harp
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Ken (TexScratch) Smith
All Rights Reserved 01/07/2012
January 07, 2012
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Story behind the song
Sometimes life doesn't seem fair, but who says it should be?
Time after TimeĀ© Ken Smith (01/07/2012) (Capo two frets to (F#) Lord I wish I knew the answers; You know me, I don't even try To comprehend these situations; I find myself in, from time to time; time after time Never understand these nagging mysteries; arriving unforseen upon the wind There are those who claim to have the answers; then change their minds time and time again Time after time Please comfort this ole aching heart; It beats a weathered rhythm in my chest Bruised and battered warrior of countless trials; that come and go and put it to the test, Time after time Again I seek your consultation, to guide me through the haze Captain my ship through troubled waters, attacked by these angry bitter waves; Time after time Lord I know you have the answers; to get me through each storm that passes by Help me understand these situations I find myself in time after time; Time after time......Time after time.....Time after time.....Time after time
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