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Hal and Lula Trail
Justice will prevail in a comedic travails of a polyester clad preacher and his fallen angel sidekic.
Country - Americana
Bill Beach
2003 SquidLips Porductions
December 30, 2011
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3:56 minutes
Story behind the song
Hal was a wanna be TV preacher and Lula was don't wanna be stripper that teamed up on the Hal and Lula Trail. It seemed the Lord would provide in high fashion, until America's most wanted caught up with them!
He was a polyester preacher, from a bootheel baptist town. She was a fallen angel on the spiritual rebound When Hal first met Lula, he was preachin on the wages of sin. She left her job in the topless bar, and went off to follow him. On the Hal and Lula Trail, On the Hal and Lula Trail Truth and Justice will prevail On the Hal and Lula, On the Hal and Lula Trail On the Hal and Lula Trail Well the Lord helps those that help themselves they would often say. and praise the Lord if tons of wealth, didn't come their way. So I guess it was a shock, on that sunny summer day when the faithfull found the church doors locked and watched the caddy speed away. Chorus: (repeat) Last verse: So if you think that this is the end of our little tale you better pay a visit friend to the Hazard county jail For it was Hal's ambition to be seen on TV but America's most wanted was bad publicity Chorus:(repeat)