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Coffee in Chillicothe
Sometimes a cup of coffee is life changing!
Country - Americana
Previous peak charts position #406
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #19
Bill Beach
2011 SquidLips Productions
December 30, 2011
MP3 5.5 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:49 minutes
Story behind the song
Second time's a charm! Coffee, a Diner, a town in MO, a fortune-telling waitress, and a in-the-chute cowboy. Better than Sliced Bread
I was sitting having coffee at a diner in Chillicothe when the waitress said to me, I can tell your destiny I looked up from my grits and forced a smile a bit but it musta been more of a smirk cause she went on right back to work So the next time she came round I made my skeptic hold his ground I asked her what she'd meant by that, and she told me that beyond a fact.... Chorus: Your gonna live a rockin life Your gonna get a brand new wife Your gonna wish you could live forever more And your never gonna know what's next in store Well I just sat there in amazement at the boldness of her statement Who does she think she is? She ought to mind her own sweet biz But instead I asked her straight, just what gave her the right to state what my future had in store, and just how she could be so sure She told me with a smile, she'd be off work in a littlle while If I would kindly wait till then, she'd explain it once again Chorus: Well what else could I do? I had to see this through I told her I would wait, and she said meet me at the gate I stood there with sweating palms, her words echoed like cherry bombs Then she calmly sasheyed out, and explained what she figured out She said You got a burning in your eyes, and a ring tan-line making me surmise your about ready to explore again, it's your lucky day my friend. Chorus: