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Shooting Star
An original song inspired by a meteor shower seen from a camp fire after a cracking North End music party. This brings back those memories - in a flash!!
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #40
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
Andy LeFevre
2010 Andy LeFevre
December 28, 2011
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3:01 minutes
Shooting Star © 2010 Andy LeFevre I've been looking out so long Looking in all the wrong places Searching high and low for you In all those other lonely faces Shooting star, you are You’re my, shooting star I make a wish, every time I see you That your smile means all my dreams will come true But then you take a different track Coming back for those others who think so too Shooting star, you are You’re my, shooting star And if you ever fall to Earth Need to find out what your friends are worth Oh, I’m here My shooting star, you are You’re my shooting star My shooting star My shooting star, you are
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