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For a Ride
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Akademik/Sean P.
December 30, 2011
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let me show you where my heart is... You opened my chest up, threw it in the garbage... but i know what lost is, gotta be the hardest... thing to keep your chin high, feelin like a target... And I know how it is... Stressed out... Never knowin when its gonna end... I'm Writin letters that I better never send.. If they ever make it out, I wont be able to pretend... that you never meant nothin, here i sit alone... Might not matter to you, but I love you and it shows... Everytime I get the pad, your the pen to my flows... But would you get the knife if I hung from a rope? Would you get the glue if you ever saw me broke... Would you leave a lipstick kiss on a note... Would you be the only one here when I'm sayin time to go... Let me know, cuz im goin down the road.... Im just wantin her to know... Yeah, so here i go... Another episode soon to be shown.. I Feel like I can take em all... But I guess the only fear I know, Is dyin broke in this same set of clothes... F*** that, ima get it in, whatever the case... And Ima keep my middle finger up, whatever it takes... So if that mother f*** er ever should break... You'll See me wrap it up in tape, and put it straight back up in your face... Life is a journey, no destination... She got the spice of life in her apron... Calm down baby, i hear your heart racin... But think of what you're doin to me, hurtin and im anxious... Im on the edge, All i need is a push... Im sure that ill be fine, if i roll me a little Kush... yeah it sucks, but I dont think that i could ever give up... Cuz You're the only one i know ill ever want... Im just thinkin bout us....
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