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Time Only Knows (2010)
Finger picking tale of a lonely man from OKC
Acoustic - Acoustic General
Previous peak charts position #94
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
Rob Lincoln
December 20, 2011
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128 kbps bitrate
4:02 minutes
Story behind the song
Written in an Oklahoma City hotel. References are from the Adobe neighborhood of OKC
In the Adobe Quarter of OKC?Inside Cafe Picasso the man is in the corner? He stares at his brown bottle and wonders what has happened? To the young man who lived there so many years ago?? Where did he go?...Time only knows (2x)?? He lived upstairs before it was ever called Gallilleo's? And he looked out at the garden near the gallery? And played a Spanish guitar and she listened so intently? And the sun was rising upward over the balcony?? Where did she go?...Time only knows (2x)?Time only Knows?? The fire came so swiftly and all that was left was embers? Burned out before aged thirty so hard to even remember?? Where did she go?...Time only knows (2x)?Time only Knows (2x)?? Walking down 23rd street, his mind is just a muddle? He can see her rainbow in every greasy puddle?? Where did she go?...Time only knows (4x)?Time only Knows (3x)