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The People vs. Country Music
Chris Wrote this one about country music, which he hates.
Alternative - Pop Punk
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Chris Dodson
Cody Robinson
April 12, 2004
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Story behind the song
Chris wrote this in art class one morning. Some redneck brought in an 80 minute CD full of country, and they listened to EVERY song! Chris wanted to gouge his eyes out! lol! But, anyways, we all do LOVE Johnny Cash and he is greatly missed!)
The twangy geetar is hurting my ears. Cowboy boots and mullets are two of my fears. Mechanical bulls? I'd rather have the flu, or huge, nasty hemroids than square dance with you! Turn that radio off... (No more country!) We don't really care about your friends in low places! We don't really care about your achy-breaky heart! We don't give a fuck about your sexy tractor! We don't even care about your boot-scootin' boogie! Garth Brooks makes me wanna puke. All of his sucess is just a big fluke! Billy Ray Cyrus makes me wanna drool and rip out all my hair, but Johnny Cash is cool!
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