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We Were So Young
The Jonettes. Phil was in jail, Hal and Carol were hanging out with Brian, and there was not even "gentle" on Glen Campbell's mind. So I did it myself.
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Jon Solo
2011 Jon Solo/Solosounds
December 01, 2011
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Story behind the song
I wanted Phil Spector and the Wrecking Crew on this one. But that was not to be had. So I ended up grabbing some singers and dropping it at home!
Remember back when we were only kids Can you believe the silly things we did Frank and Debbie stole her daddy’s car They tried to sneak into the local bar They swore their love on a shooting star But that promise they made didn’t go too far But it was a party we were having fun We were little kiddies surfing in the sun This is the story of how it begun We were young We went together and we had a blast We knew back then that it would always last Timmy and Bobby ran the streets at night They ran around looking for a fight But there was no fighting it was just a joke And we found them in Woolworth’s sipping on a Coke It was a party we were having fun And from what we’ve heard we weren’t the only ones This is the story of how it begun We were young How we got here I will never know And this is how I think it sorta goes Jonny showed up and then he proposed At first we kissed and then we eloped
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