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If I'm Ever Tryin
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Christopher Yamsek / Lyrics: Dean Brantley Taylor
Christopher Yamsek / Dean Brantley Taylor
November 30, 2011
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All the tests say I’ve got a pretty high IQ I’ve got aptitude, there’s lotsa things that I could do Counselor sees a really bright future for me She gave me lots a’ books on these careers to read I never looked at all that stuff, there’s nothin’ there I’ll pursue No no, oh no .. Cause if I’m ever workin’, I’m workin’ on you All my friends are shooting for some really big things Some dream of show biz, others want in politics Guess I never had those stars in my eyes I don’t picture fame, no it never comes to mind I don’t see myself on TV, don’t want a billion YouTube views I don’t, I don’t .. Cause if I’m ever dreamin’, I’m dreamin’ of you Bridge Whenever I’m lookin’, wherever I travel to Whatever song I sing, pretty much everything I do It’s all for you, it’s all for you All of it, everything, it’s for you I don’t follow through on my New Year’s resolutions Can’t get motivated to keep on improvin’ Sometimes I say I’ll start to exercise .. but that’s a lie Cause a video game gets me all mesmerized There’s really only one thing that I can promise you I will do I will, I will .. That’s if I’m ever tryin’, I’m tryin’ for you