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The eyes of a psychopath (Ball & Chain show)
This song was created for the "Ball & Chain Show" which you can find on Horrorbid.Com Feel free to download this..
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #478
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #249
November 28, 2011
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160 kbps bitrate
4:27 minutes
1st verse ENTER THE MIND OF A SICK DERANGED PSYCOPATH YOU ASK IS THIS KID INSANE FUCK HALF I WANT ALL THE FAME YO WE DOING THIS FOR THE BALL AND CHAIN SHOW BLOOD SQUIRTING ON YA WALLS AND CURTINES YOU GONNA DIE THATS ALL THATS CERTAIN YOU FLIRTING WITH DEATH WE DESERVING RESPECT CHECK YA SELF OR ILL SEVER THAT NERVE IN YOUR NECK IM A THREAT TO SOCIETY SO KEEP TRYING ME 100 XANEX COULDNT CURE MY ANXIETY IM TWITCHING GRAB THAT KNIFE UP OUT THE KITCHEN KILL WHOEVER IS SNITCHING I SUGGEST YOU STOP b*** ING ONCE I HIT THAT SWITCH THEN SPLIT PERSONALITY KILL YOU ON LIVE TV THATS REALITY GET OFF ON A MINOR TECHNOCALITY THEN SLIP A MICKEY IN A MINOR NAMED MALORY 2nd verse I murder with precise technique got getaway speed yea I'm light on my feet wont retreat Roll it up yea we Lighting the leaf smoking xmas trees I'm even lighting the reef For a brief moment they can say I was sane me I walk ok but I stay with the kane I'm the brain of the operation u better pray for my cooperation that's a quick observation We lining up in a blitz formation murder the dj if my sh** don't hit the station I'm f*** in everybody that's public relations me I'm getting hostel like foreign vacations Smoking dust with hatians stick my dick in a indian hoooo don't need no reservations West coast style californication the eyeZ of a psychopath warn the nation 3rd verse its a cold dark and dreary night ill cut ya left ear if you can't hear me right Ya left here in the bushes covered with leaves family wants they questions answered ask jeeves I'm nasty - cash be nuttin but huns father forgive me before I hit nuttin but nuns What's done is done you can't change the past HOMIE YOUR LIFE I CAN REARANGE IT FAST TODAY WILL BE YOUR LAST TOMORROW YOU MASS WE WAKE N BAKE BLOW IT IN YOUR CASK ET IM FAST WITH MY LINES WITTY WITH MY RHYMES CAN STILL MAKE A BUCK AT THE sh** TIEST OF TIMES THE CITY IT IS MINE IM DIDDY IN HIS PRIME A FUCKIN BAD BOY THAT BIGGY DEFINED LORD GIVE ME A SIGN before i put a motherf*** in sword in his spine