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Requiem of Heaven
Slow burning eulogy for a life misunderstood....
Single - $0.99
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #231
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #27
Paramaya: 2009
November 26, 2011
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128 kbps bitrate
4:23 minutes
Story behind the song
What is the meaning of death?
Oh, I hear the requiem of Heaven by the way and I think it's safe to assume that everybody has their day Oh, when I leave this world you better count on this If I ever come back here again It won't be reminisce As the Requiem of Heaven plays Way out yonder in the bayou Was a lil' ol' man Tryin’ to make his way through Caught some crawfish and an alligator too way out yonder in the bayou As the Requiem of Heaven plays I can see the ugly light from the morning' creeping' through Waken' up on the wrong side of death I don't wanna go with yesterday's feelings' Oh, as it gains on me I can clearly remember why I left it all so far behind As the requiem of heaven plays
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