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Ugly on the Outside
Indicative of our environment. Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside. A Baton Rouge anthem.
Single - $1.50
Rock - Progressive Rock
Charts #3,068 today (peak #278)
Charts #309 in subgenre today (peak #27)
Paramaya: 2009
November 26, 2011
MP3 4.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
5:17 minutes
Story behind the song
Alligator Man Come to the light where I can see you Don’t let me down, you know I miss you Never got a chance to say I thank you Call me Quisi-Moto Call me stupid and slow Call me what you feel like Call me ugly on the outside I’m ugly on the outside Sympathy is playin’ my song And fate is beating me with a broken dream There’s a halo shinin’ brightly for you Burn a hole right through the sky For all you Angels bound for Heaven I hope you have a good day I’m ugly on the outside And it’s killin’ me slowly Oh yeah, killin’ me slow I don’t know why But, it seems to mean more than it did today I don’t know why But, it seems to be the only thing that matters Guess I’m in heaven now Can’t see me now, I’ve been in and out Here and there, yeah, maybe everywhere Can’t make any sense of it or really cared Call me a mistake from birth Call me so ugly it hurts It’s nothin’ I haven’t heard Call me the center of the Universe I’m ugly on the outside
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