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Scotland I love you.
Scottish folk song
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Paragreen Ferrin, vocal G Duncan.
November 26, 2011
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Story behind the song
alternative Scottish anthem, this song took ages to get together, the biggest reward for me is that the song was performed live in a stage show by a group of people with learning difficulties from The Robert Gough centre in Leven Fife, I bow humble.
Scotland I Love You. I come from a land where men wear skirts With nothing underneath Through hail and snow Where fierce winds blow We stand proud and clench our teeth, From castles in highland glens To ramshackle wee but n bens We girn and complain Because from Aberdeen to Gretna Green We're never far fi rain. . chorus Scotland I love you Your haggis and Irn bru Braveheart be thy motto, Here I will stay To my dying day Unless I win the lotto. . Purple heather deck the hills and glens Rivers run crystal clear My place of birth Paradise on earth Till the blood sucking midges appear, From handsome parading pipers To strapping dry stone dykers There's no disputers From windy Saltcoats to John o Groats The women wear the trousers. chorus . bridge With this wee dram, I raise a hand Here's to you, my bonnie Scotland . chorus.