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The Far Side (Original)
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Written 11/19/2011. Storyline below. Played on a Guild GF-25 tuned to 'A' and accompanied with a 'C' harp.
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Ken (TexScratch) Smith
All rights reserved - TexScratch 11/19/2011
November 19, 2011
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Story behind the song
Written for a special guitar picking friend who touched many people's lives in special ways. GuildMark was a gentle, compassionate man with a musical gift and a firm belief in living a life worthy of gaining eternal riches. I miss you my friend.
The Far SideĀ© Ken Smith (11/19/2011) 5th fret (A) accompanied with 'C' harp Yes I miss you; and I wish you; were here...for the long ride I recall you loved The Letter that confirms how things are better on the far side You left us without reason and now as we change seasons I wonder what you're doing where there's no tears to hide But I believe that you're a waiting; your friend anticipating on the far side CHORUS C They say there's a river that flows through a valley and there you'll find a special place to rest I keep a thinkin' bout you, wading 'cross that sparkling stream, & singing now with those who sing the best I'm left here to linger on recalling mem'ries in a song; guitar in hand the tunes you played I tried But I could never match my friend whose voice now rides a gentle wind on the far side Yes I miss you; and I wish you; were here...for the long ride But I'll see you someday soon my friend; our voices will together blend on the far side On the far side... See you on the far side... Save some room on the far side... Sing together on the far side...
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