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Monument of Prayer - Promo 2011.mp3
Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #265
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #82
Jakob Schneider (w/m), Julian Bonekemper (m)
Jakob Schneider
November 08, 2011
MP3 6.0 MB
160 kbps bitrate
5:17 minutes
Story behind the song
Based on the aircraft shotdown of an Boing 707 (korean airlines flight KE-007) over sowjet territory in 1983.
Monument Of Prayer 1983…a morning in the east……..over 300 miles……..away from Romeo-20 Pre The missiles explode like they were meant to be The aircraft was shattered and forced towards the sea The engines were howling the passengers cried And until today we are questioning why Chorus They’re telling us it was an incident An eerie cold-war course They avert to say that it was malevolent Thy doom, it was perforce Armor piercing shells…a warning no one saw… Ascending towards escape……the final order falls Pre Rabid decompressions and oxygen masks The R-98s have accomplished their task 12 minutes of horror before the descent A firework all over the firmament Chorus II An act of war or a conspiracy? Calamity or fate? A mission to spy or an air battle cover up? The facts are intricate Pre 269 people were dead Death by asystolia or by the impact No bodies were found on the ground of the sea And only the sharks know where they might could be Chorus III The world was shared, the trenches were bottomless No mercy authorized They’ve got the sway, and by power they were possessed While others paid with their lives From the matutinal sky down to the deep sea below As the plane hits the border it was beyond all control Destroyed by a force the pilots never saw When will humanity learn to keep its fingers from war? That’s what we are….