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Missile Blues
Dated song written in the 70's..still relevant.
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Gordy Scoville (harmonica played by Steve Sampson)
Gordy Scoville
April 16, 2012
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Story behind the song
Wrote this song in the 70's after watching an announcement of stockpiling more missiles. Although the attention has been drawn away from the issue towards other issues as global warming,global economy,etc...there still remains an arsenal that could destroy life as we know it, many times over.
Honey babe, when you read this note You'll know why I'm not there Excuse the haste with which I wrote My hand was shakin' in fear Enclosed please find today's headlines They sure speak loud and clear And don't bother comin' around Cos I'm gettin' outta town. A spokesman for the USA Said we're buildin' up the missile race We don't know how many the Reds have now But we can't take second place But don't you worry about a thing It's only for our self-defence But if them damned commies don't learn how to live We're gonna have to teach 'em some sense. Well,Honey babe, it just don't seem right That it should be top priority Do they want peace or do they wanna fight It don't make much sense to me It looks like they're lightin' a match to the fuse The future ain't hard to tell If they keep on goin' the way they are They're gonna blow us all to hell. Honey babe, I'm gonna end this note And send it to you right away I hope when you read it you'll pack your bags And get out without delay Don't know how much longer we got But it looks like it's comin' soon It almost seems like the judgements of God These damned ol' missile blues.
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