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One More Dance
Pop - Pop Rock
Michael Itzoe
1994 Michael Andrew Itzoe
November 04, 2011
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One more dance, one more dance One more time, just one more chance One more time to be with you One more dance And I remember how it used to be And I remember all those nights And I remember you and me And all those years I gave to you Well, I guess they don't mean a thing And I guess I don't mean that much to you There comes a time when the edges seem to blur And the lights are growing dim When the answers mock you when you're down It's a struggle just to stay afloat It's a fight to stay alive, to sink or swim And I recall how it used to feel I know I don't deserve you now But I will always try to make you see There comes a time when your past is all you've got And your mistakes to pull you through I've been a loner, I've been dying without you here I'll take what I can take Till I can't take no more from you