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Mournin' Blues
Pacific NW Acoustic Blues artist Reggie Miles, fingerpicks and bottlenecks an open tuned acoustic guitar and offers a Blues harp solo in this original Blues interpretation
Blues - Country Blues
Charts #165 in subgenre today (peak #8)
Previous peak charts position #64
Written and composed by Reggie Miles
REGGIE MILES NR-021 2011 All rights reserved
November 03, 2011
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5:34 minutes
Story behind the song
The story behind every great Blues song is one soul reaching out and finding no one there.
Mourning Blues By Reggie Miles © 2012 All rights reserved I know a woman This is what she’ll do She’ll make you tall and crazy Then she’ll leave you small and blue (Chorus) I got the mournin' blues Oh so bad Honey come and kiss me They’re the worst I’ve ever had I know a woman Five foot three All day I try to get her Into bed at night with me (Chorus) One and one are two Two and two are four Got the blues so bad I can’t count any more (Chorus) Honey woncha kiss me Tell me that you’ll stay Lie down here beside me Till my blues go away (Chorus)
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