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The Devil
A Folk/Blues artist from the US Pacific Northwest A Songwriter, Singer, Storyteller, Slide Guitarist & Sawplayer Earthy vocals, resophonic guitar bottleneckin’ and the rhythmic moans of harmonica combine while foot stompin’ pounds out a beat.
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Reggie Miles
2022 Reggie Miles
October 28, 2011
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Story behind the song
We've all heard about The Devil. The old tempter and deceiver has been influencing mankind since Adam and Eve. He's played staring roles in stories and movies. He wears a red suit. He's got an overly sunburned complexion (even more so than George Hamilton), pitch black hair, a goatee, a pencil thin mustache, a receding hairline, a couple of horns, cloven hooves, a pointy tail and yes, he carries a pitch fork! I decided that I should be the one to write the definitive song about this well known character. I had a devilishly good time writing all 13 verses!
The Devil NOBRO RECORDS NR-015 2008 Reggie Miles All rights reserved Hes known as Satan, Gozer, Beelzebub, Old Scratch and Shiva hes been dubbed. Any of the above will do. Just call his name and he will come to you. So, from the darkest depths inside my soul, I called up the devil way down below, And the demon screamed a fearsome growl, So I set him loose just to hear him howl. He said, Son, Ive met your kind before. Youre always a knockin on my door, Hopin youll find in my pit of fire, Somethin to fulfill your every desire. And Ive always been there with open arms, Willing to share my many charms, Wanting to satisfy all your needs, Your deepest hunger for violence and greed. Im experienced and have the skill, To grant your every wish at will. Just name your poison. Whatll it be? Fame, wealth, power, or all three? Or do you want eternal life, An end to war, pain, and strife? Youth, health, or endless bliss, I can grant you all of this. Its an easy enough thing to do. Soon all your worries will be through. Come on down with me to my fiery crib. And dont forget to pack your asbestos bib. Cuz gluttonys no sin to me. Will that be southern deep-fried, or extra crispy? Charbroiled, or barbecued with plenty of fat? Wanna try some o my guilt free hot sauce with that? Pills, Ive got plenty, to cure all your ills, Uppers and downers for all of your thrills, Drink, enough to quench any thirst, Gamblin and lust, Ive got the best of the worst. Have you made up your mind, or, shall I tell you more? Youll have a great time! Therere parties galore! Every hate, crime, and fear Weve got it all, wall to wall, right here! Youve but to ask, no need to yearn. Ill need just one thing in return. To remove your name from Heavens roll, Youll have to pledge to me your soul. Theres no need to worry your pretty head, With pointless thoughts of doubt, or dread. Just sign along the dotted line, And everything will all be fine. Yes, I was there in the garden with Adam and Eve. I opened her eyes and made her believe. And Ill make a believer out of you too. Just call my name and I will come to you. Just call my name And I will come to you. Just call my name.
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