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Lil Wayne - Pussy Money Weed remmixx!
HipHop - New School
Previous peak charts position #565
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #55
October 25, 2011
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127 kbps bitrate
3:30 minutes
pussy money weed i get none of the 3 cuz i keep my eyes open and see the scene crafted before me the girl dont have to go to her kneee even though a rapper is what i want to be life is not a cup of tea and you will be faced with alot of misery things get shakey, fissurly cant nobody cut your dream scisorly speak your mind openly act composerly dont let people bring you down emotionally f*** them and what those haters quatoa be cuz ima do me and rapping i will achieve its believe to recieve i may be fifteen but my dreams come true if i can.then you can too haters helped me out so much, being gay and such got me BIG video games,facebook,money X3 everyone will have thier 15 seconds of fame but some say thats not enough you dont want life sticky like fluff you want it flowing like a river follow me and your life will get better dont believe me? just do it and youll find out it takes time.so you have to wait got the lyrics on the plate your mic is the fork i want to be big in life like pork we all want to be walking banks we all want the mansions no kids, just money expansion but you have to work real hard for this dont get pissed if you missed your goal you always get a second chance its your life that you control dont let anyone else run it for you this is your life and you only get one of them
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