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Body Bag (React & Skipp Diss)
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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Legacy the Don
October 14, 2011
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This murder one o one homie I belong in prison- Ray Charles to ya eyes, yu can't see the vision- Walkin with them clips cutting heads.... circumcision- Mayfly season, everyday I murk a million- I'm the Don n*** in case you haven't heard of me- Put ya lighters up burning tracks to the third degree- The game's f*** ed so I'm going give it surgery- Rappers really got me feeling like I'm in a circus b- Got yu n*** s madd how yu really wanna murder me- Ya girl f*** in thirsty the way the b*** slurping me- Mad cause ya girl get lowes.. red vest- I f*** her right, she said I give the best sex- No gun talk son this pure lyricism- How will React react to the critism- Yu need a ghost writer to assist with this one- And f*** ya'll, ya'll considered my next victims- I'm cool., collective, calm.. anyway- No Jay-Z but Legacy a renegade- Story telling when it's dark but you been afraid- And stop using beats n*** put the pen away- So why the f*** would you tell me that I'm next- If ya animals then I'ma T-Rex- Five seconds of every track.. I thought reject- Falling asleep on my mothaf*** in desk- When I get on tracks lyrically ima menace b- Ya straight trash you just really sending energy- I love this beef sh** when I make a enemy- Yeaa.. and I'll break who you send to me- I ain't talking hair when I say I be the wave- Diss wise I put yu n*** s in the grave- Now yu really mad ya buddy wanna rage- And I don't mean smoke when I say yu get blazed- Pot holes yu wanna scrap... metal- Full jacket little mothaf*** a ima rebel- I ain't burning candles now the wax settled- Plus yu all bark so ima cop a kettle- Get my Bronx n*** s to run up in Skipps crib- Get my Harlem n*** s to drive to four fifth- Cross the f*** in bridge and pick up Skipps b*** - And yu should know this so Skipp off my dick.. n*** -
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