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Hard to Disagree
music by Ragon Linde, Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk and AM, words by Coranna Akdemirbey and AM. Coranna Akdemirbey: spoken voice. Ragon Linde: guitar. Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk: vocals. AM: vocals, spoken voice, handsonic.
Alternative - Experimental
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Ragon Linde Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk Coranna Akdemirbey
October 11, 2011
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5:10 minutes
some people say love is the answer to everything and when I think of it I don't see any problem with that everyone keeps saying just be a better person and when I consider it I think “why not?” If you are just a little better person tomorrow the world will be just a little better maybe the world only needs to be a little better just a little better I can hear all these opinions around and in the end it’s hard to disagree