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The Marathon of Your Smile
A. Molotkov: vocals, spoken voice, keyboards, dumbek
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #291
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #53
music: AM. Words: Mankh - Walter E. Harris III
@A. Molotkov, Mankh
October 11, 2011
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3:06 minutes
In a mango grove a Kenyan oils the soles of his feet because he is a long way from home. Forty days and forty nights in the desert and he has come out smiling from underneath the sacred fig of a Bodhi tree and onto the unforgiving pavement beneath a marathon of leaves, a panoply of exquisite colors, a busybody of nuisance. This is not the hundred-yard-dash of a previous lifetime nor the abrupt thrust of a weightlifter's clean-and-jerk-- this is the marathon of your smile. Through the dark ages of your frown, through the crusades of your bigotous torture, through the gulags and ovens and trail of tears of your demise, and the gitmo of your wrenched lips, to rows of townhouses like Bogart's upper teeth in the face of a coastal wind, in defense of the oppressed. Your teeth as crooked and happy as the streets of Greenwich Village, your eyes a Renaissance of colors, your mouth an Elizabethan dialogue, your nose and ears and eyelashes an incomparable Golden Age, your smile an age-old prophecy of doves biding their time. It is a sad story, it is a happy story. This is your life and for you i sing, and breathe, and warble, a White-breasted Nuthatch the size of your heart, the marathon of your smile in the face of winter coming.