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R.I.P. my son.
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HungryWulf Productions
October 05, 2011
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Story behind the song
My youngest, Jesse, 18, passed on last month -Sept (2010) I had written this for him a while back. He was taken outside the country and I or any members on my side of the family were denied any communication for over TEN years. TEN YEARS- No grandmother, grandfather , great grandmother, Uncles, Aunts, brother, etc...No card, no letter, no phone calls. My eldest son was able to finally locate Jesse last year-2010 and make contact. (his last name had also been changed illegally) . I flew him here to me and we spent 3 weeks together and he was able finally to visit and meet with family, many, he didn't even remember. I have come to find out that likely it was due to the physical and emotional abuse my son suffered while "kept" by his "maternal" mother and her equally abusive guy. Shame on them both. Shame on them both. Sadly, Jesse passed away last month, September, just 18 yrs old. ............Protect your children as best you can.........
Jesse James Wulf 2010 1 I may never find the words to tell you just what happened been so long – I don’t recall it all myself But the last thing I ever wanted was to be away from you I could never put your heart upon a shelf 2 Life makes less sense to me the more the years roll on no one’s gonna give us back ten years of time gone by It hurt you and it hurt me and I’m more than sorry, son And heartache makes a soul learn too well how to cry 3 This ain’t another song bout someone bein wronged Though we lost time somebody coldly took away But I hope that we can get away beyond all that live and laugh and make memories today 4 I have to release the anger of what happened There’s so much pain since we were torn apart Some don’t have a problem with the cruel things that they do Maybe we can come together- and try to mend these shattered hearts Chorus And if you need someone to blame Take a long look, Jesse James I’m the man who gave you a name But There ain’t no way for me to stop the falling rain 5 I never dreamed that it would happen The last time that I saw you- you were 6 years old How someone could keep you and I apart from one another Gives new meaning to the words ice cold 6 When we were torn apart - lost the pieces of our hearts But now we can try build whatever dreams we can And I’m so glad to finally see you again, son Despite it all - You’ve grown to be a fine young man I love you, son
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